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Knowing more about what’s under the hood of your Chrysler car is never a bad thing. At Fields Chrysler Jeep® Dodge Asheville, we love discussing vehicle service and Chrysler parts in an effort to help our customers become more informed and involved car owners.

When it comes to mufflers, a good one can create an extremely pleasant driving experience, while a bad one could get you into trouble on the road.

How Do Mufflers Work?

The way a traditional engine works is by employing combustion. When the gasoline ignites in order to give your Chrysler car power, an explosion occurs inside your engine. The job of the muffler is to dampen, or muffle, those explosive sounds. The muffler is a non-electric, non-moving cylinder attached to the exhaust pipe and is simply constructed on the inside.  

Within the muffler are tubes that are designed to reflect the sound waves, which reduces engine noise significantly. The exhaust fumes and the sounds then pass through the muffler and out into the world without any noise.  

Driving Without a Muffler 

Driving a vehicle that does not have a functioning muffler can be somewhat of a nuisance. The noise pollution created by a car with a poor muffler is even illegal in many states. Plus, your neighbors will not thank you for it. Luckily, having a good muffler will not negatively impact vehicle performance; it simply changes the sound. 

Come see us in Asheville for more information about mufflers and how they work. If you’re not sure where we’re located, just search for “Chrysler service center near me.” We look forward to working with you soon! 

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